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calf_plugins::preset_list Struct Reference

#include <preset.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A single list of presets (usually there are two -.

See also:
get_builtin_presets(), get_user_presets() )

Definition at line 88 of file preset.h.

Public Types

enum  parser_state {
 Parser states. More...

Public Member Functions

void add (const plugin_preset &sp)
 Append or replace a preset (replaces a preset with the same plugin and preset name).
void get_for_plugin (preset_vector &vec, const char *plugin)
 Get a sublist of presets for a given plugin (those with plugin_preset::plugin == plugin).
void load (const char *filename)
 Load preset list from XML file.
bool load_defaults (bool builtin)
 Load default preset list (built-in or user-defined).
void parse (const std::string &data)
void save (const char *filename)
 Save preset list as XML file.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string get_preset_filename (bool builtin)
 Return the name of the built-in or user-defined preset file.

Public Attributes

std::string current_key
 The key used in current tag (for state == VAR).
std::map< std::string, int > last_preset_ids
 Preset number counters for DSSI (currently broken).
plugin_preset parser_preset
 Temporary preset used during parsing process.
preset_vector presets
 Contained presets (usually for all plugins).
 Parser states.

Static Protected Member Functions

static void xml_character_data_handler (void *user_data, const char *data, int len)
 Internal function: character data (tag text content) handler for expat.
static void xml_end_element_handler (void *user_data, const char *name)
 Internal function: end element handler for expat.
static void xml_start_element_handler (void *user_data, const char *name, const char *attrs[])
 Internal function: start element handler for expat.

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