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calf_plugins::parameter_properties Struct Reference

#include <giface.h>

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Detailed Description

Range, default value, flags and names for a parameter.

Definition at line 115 of file giface.h.

Public Member Functions

float from_01 (double value01) const
 convert from [0, 1] range to [min, max] (applying scaling)
int get_char_count () const
 get required width (for reserving GUI space)
float get_increment () const
 get increment step based on step value (if specified) and other factors
double to_01 (float value) const
 convert from [min, max] to [0, 1] range (applying reverse scaling)
std::string to_string (float value) const
 stringify (in sensible way)

Public Attributes

const char ** choices
 for PF_ENUM: array of text values (from min to max step 1), otherwise NULL
float def_value
 default value
uint32_t flags
 logical OR of parameter_flags
float max
 maximum value
float min
 minimum value
const char * name
 parameter human-readable name
const char * short_name
 parameter label (for use in LV2 label field etc.)
float step
 number of steps (for an integer value from 0 to 100 this will be 101; for 0/90/180/270/360 this will be 5), or 0 for continuous

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