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calf_plugins::monosynth_metadata Struct Reference

#include <metadata.h>

Inheritance diagram for calf_plugins::monosynth_metadata:

calf_plugins::plugin_metadata< Metadata > calf_plugins::plugin_metadata_iface calf_plugins::audio_module< calf_plugins::monosynth_metadata >

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Monosynth - metadata.

Definition at line 96 of file metadata.h.

Public Types

enum  {
  wave_saw, wave_sqr, wave_pulse, wave_sine,
  wave_triangle, wave_varistep, wave_skewsaw, wave_skewsqr,
  wave_test1, wave_test2, wave_test3, wave_test4,
  wave_test5, wave_test6, wave_test7, wave_test8,
enum  {
  flt_lp12, flt_lp24, flt_2lp12, flt_hp12,
  flt_lpbr, flt_hpbr, flt_bp6, flt_2bp6
enum  {
  par_wave1, par_wave2, par_detune, par_osc2xpose,
  par_oscmode, par_oscmix, par_filtertype, par_cutoff,
  par_resonance, par_cutoffsep, par_envmod, par_envtores,
  par_envtoamp, par_attack, par_decay, par_sustain,
  par_release, par_keyfollow, par_legato, par_portamento,
  par_vel2filter, par_vel2amp, par_master, param_count
enum  {
  in_count = 0, out_count = 2, support_midi = true, require_midi = true,
  rt_capable = true
enum  { step_size = 64 }

Public Member Functions

plugin_command_infoget_commands ()
const char * get_gui_xml ()
 Return custom XML.
const char * get_id ()
int get_input_count ()
const char * get_label ()
line_graph_ifaceget_line_graph_iface ()
void get_message_context_parameters (std::vector< int > &ports)
 add all message context parameter numbers to the ports vector
bool get_midi ()
const char * get_name ()
int get_output_count ()
int get_param_count ()
int get_param_port_offset ()
parameter_propertiesget_param_props (int param_no)
const ladspa_plugin_infoget_plugin_info ()
const char ** get_port_names ()
bool is_cv (int param_no)
 is a given parameter a control voltage?
bool is_noisy (int param_no)
 is the given parameter non-interpolated?
bool is_rt_capable ()
bool requires_message_context ()
 does the plugin require message context? (or DSSI configure) may be slow
bool requires_midi ()
bool requires_string_ports ()
 does the plugin require string port extension? (or DSSI configure) may be slow

Static Public Attributes

static parameter_properties param_props []
static ladspa_plugin_info plugin_info
static const char * port_names []

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