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virtual bool calf_plugins::line_graph_iface::get_graph ( int  index,
int  subindex,
float *  data,
int  points,
cairo_iface *  context 
) [inline, virtual]

Obtain subindex'th graph of parameter 'index'

index parameter/graph number (usually tied to particular plugin control port)
subindex graph number (there may be multiple overlaid graphs for one parameter, eg. for monosynth 2x12dB filters)
data buffer for normalized output values
points number of points to fill
context cairo context to adjust (for multicolour graphs etc.)
Return values:
true graph data was returned; subindex+1 graph may or may not be available
false graph data was not returned; subindex+1 graph does not exist either

Reimplemented in calf_plugins::filter_audio_module, calf_plugins::multichorus_audio_module, calf_plugins::filterclavier_audio_module, and calf_plugins::monosynth_audio_module.

Definition at line 169 of file giface.h.

{ return false; }

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