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LV2_Event Struct Reference

#include <lv2_event.h>

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Detailed Description

An LV2 event (header only).

LV2 events are generic time-stamped containers for any type of event. The type field defines the format of a given event's contents.

This struct defines the header of an LV2 event. An LV2 event is a single chunk of POD (plain old data), usually contained in a flat buffer (see LV2_EventBuffer below). Unless a required feature says otherwise, hosts may assume a deep copy of an LV2 event can be created safely using a simple:

memcpy(ev_copy, ev, sizeof(LV2_Event) + ev->size); (or equivalent)

Definition at line 65 of file lv2_event.h.

Public Attributes

uint32_t frames
uint16_t size
uint32_t subframes
uint16_t type

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