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dsp::multichorus< T, MultiLfo, Postprocessor, MaxDelay > Class Template Reference

#include <multichorus.h>

Inheritance diagram for dsp::multichorus< T, MultiLfo, Postprocessor, MaxDelay >:

dsp::chorus_base dsp::audio_effect

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Detailed Description

template<class T, class MultiLfo, class Postprocessor, int MaxDelay = 4096>
class dsp::multichorus< T, MultiLfo, Postprocessor, MaxDelay >

Multi-tap chorus without feedback. Perhaps MaxDelay should be a bit longer!

Definition at line 90 of file multichorus.h.

Public Member Functions

float freq_gain (float freq, float sr)
float get_dry ()
float get_min_delay ()
float get_mod_depth ()
float get_rate ()
float get_wet ()
void inc_phase (float req_phase)
template<class OutIter, class InIter>
void process (OutIter buf_out, InIter buf_in, int nsamples)
void reset ()
void reset_phase (float req_phase)
void set_dry (float dry)
void set_min_delay (float min_delay)
void set_mod_depth (float mod_depth)
void set_rate (float rate)
void set_wet (float wet)
virtual void setup (int sample_rate)

Public Attributes

fixed_point< unsigned int, 20 > dphase
MultiLfo lfo
fixed_point< unsigned int, 20 > phase
Postprocessor post

Protected Attributes

simple_delay< MaxDelay, T > delay
float dry
gain_smoothing gs_dry
gain_smoothing gs_wet
float min_delay
int min_delay_samples
float mod_depth
int mod_depth_samples
float odsr
float rate
int sample_rate
sine_table< int, 4096, 65536 > sine
float wet

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