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dsp::chorus_base Class Reference

#include <audio_fx.h>

Inheritance diagram for dsp::chorus_base:

dsp::audio_effect dsp::multichorus< T, MultiLfo, Postprocessor, MaxDelay > dsp::simple_chorus< T, MaxDelay > dsp::simple_flanger< T, MaxDelay >

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Base class for chorus and flanger. Wouldn't be needed if it wasn't for odd behaviour of GCC when deriving templates from template base classes (not seeing fields from base classes!).

Definition at line 220 of file audio_fx.h.

Public Member Functions

float get_dry ()
float get_min_delay ()
float get_mod_depth ()
float get_rate ()
float get_wet ()
void inc_phase (float req_phase)
void reset_phase (float req_phase)
void set_dry (float dry)
void set_min_delay (float min_delay)
void set_mod_depth (float mod_depth)
void set_rate (float rate)
void set_wet (float wet)
void setup (int sample_rate)

Public Attributes

fixed_point< unsigned int, 20 > dphase
fixed_point< unsigned int, 20 > phase

Protected Attributes

float dry
gain_smoothing gs_dry
gain_smoothing gs_wet
float min_delay
int min_delay_samples
float mod_depth
int mod_depth_samples
float odsr
float rate
int sample_rate
sine_table< int, 4096, 65536 > sine
float wet

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