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calf_plugins::monosynth_audio_module Class Reference

#include <modules_synths.h>

Inheritance diagram for calf_plugins::monosynth_audio_module:

calf_plugins::audio_module< Metadata > calf_plugins::line_graph_iface

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Monosynth-in-making. Parameters may change at any point, so don't make songs with it! It lacks inertia for parameters, even for those that really need it.

Definition at line 40 of file modules_synths.h.

Public Types

typedef Metadata metadata_type

Public Member Functions

void activate ()
 LADSPA-esque activate function, except it is called after ports are connected, not before.
void calculate_buffer_ser ()
 Run oscillators and two filters in series to produce mono output samples.
void calculate_buffer_single ()
 Run oscillators and just one filter to produce mono output samples.
void calculate_buffer_stereo ()
 Run oscillators and two filters (one per channel) to produce stereo output samples.
void calculate_step ()
 Calculate control signals and produce step_size samples of output.
virtual char * configure (const char *key, const char *value)
 DSSI configure call.
void control_change (int controller, int value)
 Handle control change messages.
void deactivate ()
 LADSPA-esque deactivate function.
void delayed_note_on ()
void execute (int cmd_no)
 Execute menu command with given number.
virtual int get_changed_offsets (int generation, int &subindex_graph, int &subindex_dot, int &subindex_gridline)
virtual bool get_dot (int index, int subindex, float &x, float &y, int &size, cairo_iface *context)
bool get_graph (int index, int subindex, float *data, int points, cairo_iface *context)
 Retrieve filter graph (which is 'live' so it cannot be generated by get_static_graph), or fall back to get_static_graph.
virtual bool get_gridline (int index, int subindex, float &pos, bool &vertical, std::string &legend, cairo_iface *context)
bool get_static_graph (int index, int subindex, float value, float *data, int points, cairo_iface *context)
 Retrieve waveform graph (which does not need information about synth state).
bool is_cv (int param_no)
 No CV inputs for now.
bool is_noisy (int param_no)
 Practically all the stuff here is noisy.
bool is_stereo_filter () const
uint32_t message_run (const void *valid_ports, void *output_ports)
void note_off (int note, int vel)
 Handle MIDI Note Off message.
void note_on (int note, int vel)
void params_changed ()
 Update variables from control ports.
void params_reset ()
 Reset parameter values for epp:trigger type parameters (ones activated by oneshot push button instead of check box).
void pitch_bend (int value)
 Handle pitch bend message.
void post_instantiate ()
 Called after instantiating (after all the feature pointers are set - including interfaces like progress_report_iface).
uint32_t process (uint32_t offset, uint32_t nsamples, uint32_t inputs_mask, uint32_t outputs_mask)
 Main processing function.
void program_change (int program)
 Handle MIDI Program Change.
void send_configures (send_configure_iface *sci)
 Send all understood configure vars.
void set_frequency ()
 Update oscillator frequency based on base frequency, detune amount, pitch bend scaling factor and sample rate.
void set_sample_rate (uint32_t sr)
 Set sample rate for the plugin.

Static Public Member Functions

static void precalculate_waves (progress_report_iface *reporter)

Public Attributes

float ampctl
float buffer [step_size]
float buffer2 [step_size]
uint32_t crate
float cutoff
float decay_factor
float detune
dsp::adsr envelope
float fgain
float fgain_delta
dsp::biquad_d1< float > filter
dsp::biquad_d1< float > filter2
int filter_type
float fltctl
bool force_fadeout
float freq
bool gate
float * ins [in_count]
int last_filter_type
int last_key
int legato
dsp::gain_smoothing master
float odcr
uint32_t output_pos
float * outs [out_count]
float * params [param_count]
dsp::onepole< float > phaseshifter
float pitchbend
float porta_time
progress_report_iface * progress_report
int queue_note_on
float queue_vel
bool running
float separation
uint32_t srate
dsp::keystack stack
float start_freq
int stop_count
bool stopping
float target_freq
int wave1
int wave2
float xfade
float xpose

Static Public Attributes

static dsp::waveform_family

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