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calf_plugins::filterclavier_audio_module Class Reference

#include <modules.h>

Inheritance diagram for calf_plugins::filterclavier_audio_module:

calf_plugins::audio_module< Metadata > calf_plugins::line_graph_iface

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Detailed Description

Filterclavier --- MIDI controlled filter by Hans Baier.

Definition at line 865 of file modules.h.

Public Types

typedef filter_module_with_inertia inertia_filter_module
typedef Metadata metadata_type

Public Member Functions

void activate ()
 LADSPA-esque activate function, except it is called after ports are connected, not before.
void calculate_filter ()
virtual char * configure (const char *key, const char *value)
 DSSI configure call.
void control_change (int controller, int value)
 Handle MIDI Control Change.
void deactivate ()
 LADSPA-esque deactivate function.
void execute (int cmd_no)
 Execute menu command with given number.
virtual int get_changed_offsets (int generation, int &subindex_graph, int &subindex_dot, int &subindex_gridline)
virtual bool get_dot (int index, int subindex, float &x, float &y, int &size, cairo_iface *context)
bool get_graph (int index, int subindex, float *data, int points, cairo_iface *context)
bool get_gridline (int index, int subindex, float &pos, bool &vertical, std::string &legend, cairo_iface *context)
virtual bool get_static_graph (int index, int subindex, float value, float *data, int points, cairo_iface *context)
uint32_t message_run (const void *valid_ports, void *output_ports)
virtual void note_off (int note, int vel)
 Handle MIDI Note Off.
virtual void note_on (int note, int vel)
 MIDI control.
void on_timer ()
void params_changed ()
 Called when params are changed (before processing).
void params_reset ()
 Reset parameter values for epp:trigger type parameters (ones activated by oneshot push button instead of check box).
void pitch_bend (int value)
void post_instantiate ()
 Called after instantiating (after all the feature pointers are set - including interfaces like progress_report_iface).
uint32_t process (uint32_t offset, uint32_t numsamples, uint32_t inputs_mask, uint32_t outputs_mask)
void program_change (int program)
 Handle MIDI Program Change.
void send_configures (send_configure_iface *sci)
 Send all understood configure vars.
void set_sample_rate (uint32_t sr)
 Set sample rate for the plugin.

Public Attributes

inertia< exponential_rampinertia_cutoff
inertia< exponential_rampinertia_gain
inertia< exponential_rampinertia_resonance
float * ins [Metadata::in_count]
bool is_active
volatile int last_calculated_generation
volatile int last_generation
float * outs [Metadata::out_count]
float * params [Metadata::param_count]
progress_report_iface * progress_report
once_per_n timer

Private Member Functions

void adjust_gain_according_to_filter_mode (int velocity)

Private Attributes

int last_note
int last_velocity
const float max_gain
const float min_gain

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