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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_LV2_ProgressHost feature structure
calf_plugins::audio_module< Metadata >
dsp::bandlimiter< SIZE_BITS >
dsp::biquad_coeffs< Coeff >
dsp::biquad_d1< Coeff, T >
dsp::biquad_d2< Coeff, T >
dsp::block_voice< Base >
dsp::buffer_traits< fixed_size_buffer< N, T > >This class template defines some basic position operations for fixed_size_buffers
CalfCurve::EventAdapterNull implementation of EventSink
CalfCurve::EventSinkUser callbacks for handling curve events
CalfCurve::EventTesterDebug implementation of EventSink
CalfKeyboardInstance-specific data for CalfKeyboard
CalfKeyboard::EventAdapterNull implementation of CalfKeyboard::EventSink
CalfKeyboard::EventSinkSet of user-defined callbacks for customizing display and operation of CalfKeyboard
CalfKeyboard::EventTesterDebug/example implementation of CalfKeyboard::EventSink
CalfKeyboard::KeyInfoStructure with information needed for drawing a single key
CalfKeyboardClassClass-specific data for CalfKeyboard
CalfLedInstance object for CalfLed
CalfLedClassClass object for CalfLed
dsp::circular_buffer< B >This is useless for now (and untested too)
calf_plugins::compressor_metadataThor's compressor - metadata
calf_plugins::control_port_info_ifaceA sink to send information about a control port (very incomplete, missing stuff: units, integer, boolean, toggled, notAutomatic, notGUI...)
dsp::exponential_rampAlgorithm for a constant time linear ramp
dsp::fft< T, O >
calf_plugins::filter_audio_moduleBiquad filter module
calf_plugins::filter_compose< F1, F2 >Compose two filters in series
calf_plugins::filter_sum< F1, F2 >Compose two filters in parallel
calf_plugins::filterclavier_audio_moduleFilterclavier --- MIDI controlled filter by Hans Baier
calf_plugins::filterclavier_metadataFilterclavier - metadata
calf_plugins::hscale_param_controlHorizontal slider
dsp::inertia< Ramp >
calf_plugins::label_param_controlDisplay-only control: static text
calf_plugins::ladspa_plugin_infoGeneral information about the plugin -
calf_plugins::led_param_controlDisplay-only control: LED
calf_plugins::line_graph_iface'provides live line graph values' interface
dsp::linear_rampAlgorithm for a constant time linear ramp
dsp::mono_auto_buffer< N, T >This is useless for now
calf_plugins::monosynth_metadataMonosynth - metadata
dsp::multichorus< T, MultiLfo, Postprocessor, MaxDelay >
calf_plugins::multichorus_audio_moduleA multitap stereo chorus thing - processing
calf_plugins::multichorus_metadataA multitap stereo chorus thing - metadata
dsp::onepole< T, Coeff >
calf_plugins::organ_metadataOrgan - metadata
calf_plugins::parameter_propertiesRange, default value, flags and names for a parameter
dsp::percussion_voiceNot a true voice, just something with similar-ish interface
calf_plugins::plain_port_info_ifaceA sink to send information about an audio port
calf_plugins::plugin_command_infoInformation record about plugin's menu command
calf_plugins::plugin_ctl_ifaceInterface for host-GUI-plugin interaction (should be really split in two, but ... meh)
calf_plugins::plugin_info_ifaceA sink to send information about a plugin
calf_plugins::plugin_list_info_ifaceA sink to send information about plugins
calf_plugins::plugin_metadata< Metadata >Metadata base class template, to provide default versions of interface functions
calf_plugins::plugin_metadata_ifaceAn interface returning metadata about a plugin
calf_plugins::plugin_presetContents of single preset
calf_plugins::preset_exceptionException thrown by preset system
calf_plugins::preset_listA single list of presets (usually there are two -
calf_utils::ptlockException-safe mutex lock
calf_utils::ptmutexPthreads based mutex class
dsp::reverb< T >
calf_utils::scope_assign< T >Exception-safe temporary assignment
calf_plugins::send_configure_iface'may receive configure variables' interface
dsp::simple_chorus< T, MaxDelay >
dsp::simple_delay< N, T >
dsp::simple_flanger< T, MaxDelay >
dsp::simple_phaser< MaxStages >
dsp::sine_table< T, N, Multiplier >
calf_plugins::spin_param_controlSpin button
dsp::stereo_auto_buffer< N, T >This is useless for now
calf_plugins::value_param_controlDisplay-only control: value text
calf_plugins::vscale_param_controlVertical slider
calf_plugins::vumeter_param_controlDisplay-only control: volume meter
dsp::waveform_family< SIZE_BITS >Set of bandlimited wavetables
dsp::waveform_oscillator< SIZE_BITS >

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